Ultimate MeBo Kemper Bundle

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This months ToneCrate covers an immense palate of tonal possibilites with three iconic Mesa Boogie amplifiers - the Mark V, Triple Crown and Dual Rectifier Rev F!

These amps deliver everything from glassy cleans to ferocious high gain, all while mainating their own signature charm.

Curated by Sicktones Studio owner & War of Ages axe-man Jack Daniels, these incredible examples of a finely crafted Mesa Boogie profile will undoubtedly make their way into your staple of regular “go-to’s”.

What You’re Getting This Month:

- Profiles of Mesa Boogie Triple Crown, Mark V and Dual Rectifier Rev F created by producer Jack Daniels of Sicktones Studio.

- Profiles including low gain, mid gain, high gain, clean and boosted with some cool overdrive pedals! - Multiple cabs and mic placements for extended tone shaping needs

- Profiles that will work both for studio use and live!