Modern Metal Vol. 2 Kemper Bundle

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Inside this months ToneCrate we are bringing you Vol 2 of one of our most popular packs - the Modern Metal Kemper Bundle!

This pack is unique because it is based around a blend of two brand new speakers made by Eminence and Omega Ampworks. The DV-77 and the VM-1265. Using a microphone on each speaker and tastefully blending the two together we were able to use the best elements of both speakers to create tones that are not only going to sit perfect in a mix with little EQ, but you'll also have the best tone on stage right out of the box.

What You're Getting Inside This Pack:

- 18+ profiles of several boutique amps including Driftwood Purple Nightmare, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier RevG, Peavey 6534+, Krank Rev1 and EVH 5150 III.

- 3 brutal overdrive pedals including the brand new Fortin Modified Maxon OD9 and Highwind Direwolf.

- High Gain Profiles that sit perfectly in a mix or for playing live!

Music By: For The City Mixed by: Jack Daniels of Sicktones Studio