Lyle Cooper Signature Drum Samples

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Lyle Cooper brought world drum domination with his work on "Planetary Duality" by The Faceless, and now you can see him raising the bar again in Abhorrent and Absvrdist! 

Tuned by Legendary Drum Tech Matt Brown, and hit by Lyle Cooper himself, these tones have an unmatched tone and precision that work for a variety of styles. 

What You Get:

- Perfectly tuned and played round robin samples of Lyle's very own Tama Starclassic Birch-Bubinga Kit

- 22" Kick Drum, 14" Tama SLP Snare, 4 tight and huge sounding Toms

- TCI files for Slate Trigger, easy plug and play. 100% mix ready!

- Wav. files of every single hit of every single velocity for ultimate versatility with different samplers

- Samples are processed lightly, sound great, however they can be further scuplted to fit a variety of mixes!