Kris Norris of Darkest Hour Signature Kemper Bundle

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Inside this ToneCrate we are bringing you metalcore legend KRIS NORRIS previously of the band DARKEST HOUR & VIMIC!

Having written several influential albums for the metalcore thrash legends Darkest Hour, we are extremely proud to deliver you a pack of Kemper profiles that pay homage to the tones on those classic records, and also several others that you'll love both live and in the studio!

What You're Getting:

- Kemper Profiles created from several amazing amps including Peavey 5150, EVH 5150 III, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Driftwood Purple Nightmare and Bogner Uberschall.

- Several boosts built into the profiles including Highwind Amplification Direwolf MK2, KHDK No.1 & Maxon OD808!

- Kemper profiles based on several classic tones from different parts of the Darkest Hour Discography

- Kemper Profiles meticulously crafted with Kris Norris directly in the studio to function perfectly both live and in the studio!

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