Kevin Talley Signature Drum Samples

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Kevin Talley is a legend. Not just because he has drummed for some of the worlds most popular metal bands, but because of the way he drums. His playing has a distinct tone to it that we set out to capture. 

To do this we hired world renowned drum tech Matt Brown (WhiteChapel, Shinedown, 10 Years, Coal Chamber) to come tune and tech his drums for this sample library. The result is a skull crushing collection that has the precision and versatility you need to take your drum tones to the next level.

What you get:

-TCI Files for use with Slate Trigger, Wav files

- Round robin samples including multiple velocites, and multiple mics

- Direct, Overhead, Rooms and even a Hallway provide accurate realism

- Kick, 2 Snares & 4 Toms all hit by Kevin Talley and tuned by Matt Brown