Clifton Miles Signature Kemper Bundle

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Inside this months ToneCrate I am bringing you our most diverse pack to date featuring the “greatest hits” of my personal collection of profiles that i’ve made for myself and the projects I work on.

Featuring 13 amps, 2 cabs and different overdrive pedals, there is something for everyone in this pack!

What You’re Getting Inside This Pack:

- 13 different amps including Fortin Meshuggah, Bogner Uberschall, EVH 5150 III Stealth, EVH 5150 III, Friedman JJ-100, Vox AC30, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Mesa Boogie Mark IV, Marshall JCM800, Krank Rev 1, Peavey 5150, Driftwood Purple Nightmare & Roland Jazz Chorus 77.

- High Gain, Midgain, Low gain and even a clean (ish) profile!

- Various overdrive pedals and 2 different cabs! All profiles created in studio by ToneCrate founder Clifton Miles for his personal collection!