AVNGR Kemper Bundle

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Inside this months ToneCrate you are going to be getting Kemper Profiles of the incredibly versatile SOLDANO AVENGER! Soldano is synonymous with pure unadulterated amp tone and the Avenger is the purest distillation of the brand has to offer.

Loads of overdrive options all pumping through a tight Uberkab, this pack is going to be a staple for your high gain arsenal!

What You're Getting Inside This Pack:

- 21 Kemper Profiles of the Soldano Avenger paired with a variety of really cool overdrive pedals

- Profiles that are great for both live and the studio!

- High gain, mid gain, low gain, and clean tones!!

- Meticulous detail and ultimate precision in crafting these tones, in one of the coolest studios, by producer Jack Daniels of Sicktones Studio!