David Coloma Signature Kemper Bundle

David Coloma Signature Kemper Bundle

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Headcrushing tones for the guitar player of HEADCRUSHER!

David Coloma's Signature Kemper Bundle includes incredibly heavy profiles of RANDALL SATAN and Mesa Boogie Mark IV.

What You Get:

Randall Satan: Clean, Low, Mid, and High Gain tones of this incredibly aggressive Ola Englund Signature Amp. The cleans are mesmerizing and the rhythm tones are heavier than you'll ever imagine. 

Mesa Boogie Mark IV: Low, Mid and High Gain settings of the sweet spot for this amp, where it sounds mean and as heavy as any modern day amp. We even got a couple profiles of the Mark IV with the classic Pro Tone Pedals Dead Horse Overdrive Pedal, which are included as well!

Here's David Himself jamming with his profiles!